Algonquin Arts Theatre

Special Events

The John Rogers Soul Band
August 26
Local Music Spotlight
Specializing in classic soul, funk and R&B from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, John Rogers Soul Band features music made famous by Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Earth, Winder & Fire, Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding, Prince and many more.
Halfway to St. Patrick's Day
September 17
Combining traditional instruments such as banjo, accordion and mandolin, with a foundation of guitar, bass and drums, The Snakes perform faithful renditions of classic folk songs. From the Dubliners to the Pogues... from the Clancy Brothers to the Clash, good times and good tunes are had by all.
Sweet Baby James
September 30
A James Taylor Tribute
If you love the songs of James Taylor, then you'll love Nashville-based Sweet Baby James, THE James Taylor Tribute. Sweet Baby James is the best, most authentic-sounding James Taylor tribute in the US with frontman Bill Griese.
Decade: A Tribute To Neil Young
October 29
Local Music Spotlight
Playing the music of Neil Young has been a lifelong passion for lead vocalist and guitarist John Hathaway. For the last 30 years, John has been studiously learning the ins and outs of Neil's guitar work. Perfecting the now famous and unique palm muting technique and one of a king lead work that are Neil's trademarks has been a lifelong goal and the reason why this tribute is so different from many other Neil Young cover bands.
Ronstadt Revue: A Musical Tribute To Linda Ronstadt
November 12
Featuring Gesenia
Ronstadt Revue covers every aspect of Linda Ronstadt's musical journey, spanning multiple genres from Country, Rock, to Mexican/Mariachi, Cajun, Jazz & the Great American Songbook Standards. All of this is faithfully recreated in painstaking detail by Gesenia and her six-piece band of musicians.
A Bluegrass Christmas
December 21
Local Music Spotlight
Enjoy an evening of heart-warming, authentic bluegrass music! Join Karen Phillips and local legends the Glimmer Grass Band as they collaborate musically to celebrate the reason for the season.
David Clark's Songs In The Attic
December 31
New Year's Eve 2022
The Music of Billy Joel
This Billy Joel tribute is conceived and presented with a tremendous amount of detail by veteran singer/piano player David Clark. He's gained notoriety with stunningly accurate piano playing, lead vocals, and an eerily similar stage look to the Piano Man himself.
Sinatra: The Main Event
February 4, 2023
Chris Pinnella
The Iconic 1974 Concert Performed Live with a 14-piece Big Band
Join acclaimed vocalist Chris Pinnella as he returns with his 14-piece Big Band for the Algonquin debut of 'Sinatra: The Main Event' live. Flashback to 1974 as Pinnella transports you back to Frank's iconic Madison Square Garden concert.
World's Best Short Films
March 11, 2023
Asbury Short Film Concert
Asbury Shorts USA, New York City's longest running short film exhibition, screens previously globally honored and premiering shorts at venues across the United State and international sites. The show film "concerts" screen the best shorts in the world presented in a fast-paced highly entertaining showcase.