Beatlemania Now
Sunday, December 31, 2017
Hear it... See it... Believe it! This New Year's Eve Beatlemania Now brings the ultimate celebration of The Beatles to the Algonquin stage.
Sunday, December 31
6:00pm - Very Limited Seating
Sunday, December 31
9:00pm - Very Limited Seating

Premium: $65 (Adult)
Regular: $52 (Adult)
Group Rates Available: Learn More
New: Please Note That Advertised Prices Include All Per Ticket Fees

Event Information
Running time: Approximately 2 hours
Intermission: Yes

Beatlemania Now is an amazing concert experience as seen on Broadway and around the world! Recapture the excitement, the mood and the frantic intensity as Beatlemania Now performs live on stage against a backdrop of stunning images from the 60s and 70s. Flashback to history moments of space exploration, protests in the streets, the Vietnam War, Flower Power and Peace and Love. Beatlemania Now meticulously performs incredible note for note renditions of Beatles' classics from throughout their entire career.

Presented by Algonquin Arts Theatre